Blog about your favorite animals and save the world

Even if you were to start blogging about your favorite Fido in the yard or Frida on the mat, you will still be blogging about animals, in general, and making a modest contribution towards saving your planet, the only planet. You and your furry loved ones will be long gone before they discover another livable and breathable planet to live on, and still how to get there and settle there. That’s not putting it harshly. It’s just being realistic. In the meantime, you could consider it a moral imperative to start talking more openly about animals and why you love them.

If you are already an animal lover then you already know that pretty much most animal species are direly under threat. You will also know that while great strides have been made towards conserving the species, a great deal of work still lies ahead for us. It all seems so daunting, doesn’t it. But it need not be. You do not need to overwhelm yourself into thinking that your little bit about the slimy little snail in your garden is going to make an iota of a difference, because in actual fact, it is already making a great deal of a difference.

You could even liken this to the more deadly chain reaction, because once you start talking about something small in your garden, soon at least another ten readers will be talking about it too. And before you know it, at least three kindhearted souls have reposted your story to be read by another ten readers. And so on and so forth. To make a great impact on saving the world’s environment, why don’t you start writing up about the birds and the bees?