If you have an interest in celebrity networks, then this story’s for you


To convince folks to read more and regularly on their favorite celebrities may be easier than thought because let’s face it; most of you are already onto something. You’re following your favorite pop charts or news websites and bookmarking your pages to keep you posted as you like to say. But this is where we truly come into our own. This is where we make the suggestion by asking the question; wouldn’t it be nice to know more about your favorite celebs. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how it all started out for them and the journeys they took to become so famous?

We put this little exercise to the test and, guess what, it really works. Most of you don’t have much time for hours of reading. So who’s got time to read a bio? But here’s the thing, and it’s a marvelous thing at that. While the information on informational sites like http://celebritynetworth.wiki are just so loaded with, well, you know, information, it only takes a couple of minutes to read through, and there you go, background check on your favorite celeb. So, if you want to know what Jack the Lad, otherwise known as the famous Jack Nicholson – who can’t remember his lines anymore – got up to as a naughty child, you can punch in his name and, there you go, his full profile and biography comes up on your screen.

If you want to bypass all the mainstream stories of today, skip the big bums and sex changes, as well as the gossip columns and become a little more sophisticated than your fellow social media streamers, you can go all the way back to one of the all time famous Hollywood relationships. You will not be disappointed because there is enough fatty meat on this bone. In its time, the relationship between the married Spencer Tracy and his wistful lover, the one and only, and most decorated Hollywood actress of all time, Katherine Hepburn, was, let’s just say, controversial.

So, you are looking for celebrities that can truly inspire you in more practical ways. You want to learn from the great innovators, past and present. You can do this easily enough in order to make headway in your own entrepreneurial adventure. You already know a number of the greats off by heart. Off you go then. While you are reading through bios on Zuckerberg, Musk and Bezos, among others, you will also read who or what inspired them. You’ll learn what moved the earth for them. Now, even the great Bill Gates, at the time of writing, the world’s richest man by net worth, will acknowledge that no inspirational reading on famous entrepreneurs is complete without yet another visit to Silicon Valley and the legend that is Steve Jobs.

And if he were alive today, he might just acknowledge that you need to read up about his sidekick, one Steve Wozniak as well.