Time to bookmark your journal thoughts

This short journal note is for all those of you who love keeping the perfect journal. So why don’t you sit back and relax, read this through at your own comfortable pace and then when you have done all of that, bookmark what we have just shared with you and then later on when you have finished all your chores for the day, sit down at your writing table and pen some of your own thoughts on what we have written.

It is just a suggestion at this point in time. It is our way of sharing our artistic expressions. And what a great way to do that. Today, you can talk out aloud on your own online journal and share your thoughts with the world. The online journal is also called a blog these days. But most ardent journal keepers, we are like that too, prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. Clarity of thought is also helped by having the perfect journal or notebook to hand. We have flowery thoughts at the best of times. Sometimes our mind is in a perfect muddle.


And does that make sense. That is the point of keeping a journal. The term originated in Soviet Russia. Many folks, writers, novelists and non-fiction writers, write for the drawer until such time they are ready to bring their thoughts or theories out into the open. You pen your thoughts into your favorite notebook and then when you have done a page or two, you pack away your notebook in your desk drawer. Particularly when there are a lot of folks about in the house, many of you will be locking away your journal.

That is practical and cannot be helped. Heaven forbid that someone in your house should get a hold of your secret, deepest and innermost thoughts. Gosh, all hell could break loose. We love gardening and we often talk about the things growing in our garden. A good place to station your study desk is at the window. If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden, or a good view to gaze over, then you can be in journaling heaven. See what is happening outside of your window and inspiring thoughts can come to mind.

But many folks only have these awesome thoughts when they are out on the road. And by the time they have returned to their desks at night, that inspiring thought has fluttered out through the window. Gone and forgotten. What a great pity. There could have been a masterpiece somewhere in-between those next few lines. To make sure that you don’t forget or lose the moment, this is something most professional writers do; always carry a notebook with you. Some use a journal for this purpose too. When that inspiring thought strikes like a hot solder, you can jot it down quickly.

So, whatever your thoughts are at the time, it is noted and preserved for all eternity.