What Bernard Bensaid said at his first investment road show

Actually, we online scribes have no idea what exactly he did say on that historic occasion. All we are doing in line with our creative habits is giving you an impression of what may have happened when France’s The Group opened its doors for the very first time at the turn of the millennium. In doing that, Bernard Bensaid may have been fulfilling one extremely important business and investment philosophy. Let us underline that for you as part of our inspirational introduction to The Group.

If you have personal experience of that historic transition, you may recall the panic that set in during the last couple of years of the last millennium. There was talk of the so-called millennium bug and many people and small, medium and even large-sized companies were panicking over this matter. They assumed that while the bug was busy chewing its way through global networks, their businesses, investments and personal savings would suddenly collapse and all would be lost.

This was in spite of the fact that software service providers and the global hegemonies that powered what was later to become known as the Internet of Things had put into place contingent plans and advised all stakeholders what needed to be done just in case the inevitable apocalyptic event occurred. And yet still. Still there were foolish folks running about stocking up on bottled water and crates of tinned food.

But while all of this was happening, other businesses and investment houses simply got on with, well, their business. Not only that, new businesses and investment legacies were planting the first seeds for the new millennium. Bernard Bensaid and his associates were among these new millennial upstarts. Vive le France, as they say. A new revolution was about to dawn. So, here is to the tried and tested, and still to this day, highly successful business and investment philosophy.

Bernard Bensaid

Whilst others panic, just keep calm and carry on, as the English would say. Francophiles would find this quite ironic. It does seem as though there are still many people, influential ones too who should know better, who have not learnt the lesson. Not too long ago, Brexit happened. And with an important and historic election just completed, the French are carrying on. Monsieur Bensaid will, no doubt, be quite pleased about this.

Another important business and investment philosophy is very much part of The Group’s manifesto. It is the need to always take the long term view. And when you take yet another close look at The Group’s still-growing portfolio, you will see that yet another important philosophy is included. This is something that we were all taught from a young age. Simply put, never place all your investment eggs in one basket. All The Group’s business is, strictly speaking, the acquisition of property, but you will, of course, have noticed that this property portfolio is extremely well-diversified.